Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Flag

Michelle Malkin (PBUH) suggested (oh, perhaps it was Free Republic) that today we fly our flags high - that today be 'Bring an American Flag to Work Day'. Why?
Because lately, the left is making the American flag synonymous with racism and intolerance.

In fact, it is becoming 'against the rules', or even illegal in this country to display or venerate the American flag.

Think this is a reactionary comment? It isn't.

Look here, and here, and here.

So I have added a flag to the right column. :)

Sometime I may link it to an appropriate website, but for now it's there.

Update 7-Apr-06: See also here (Crude language warning), covered also here, here, see an interesting op-ed by Krikorian here (hat tip: theabsurdreport), also see comments here

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