Friday, March 10, 2006

Creation Myth

Fundamentally, I suppose creation is always a somewhat messy process - wood shavings lying about, globs of blood, great quantities of spilled glue and crumpled paper, tossed aside trimmings of fat and the tougher bits of vegetables.

In the case of a blog, you have the early entries, which one supposes will be different from the subsequent entries in terms of fumbling about, and amount of pent-up energy being released, just as the first trysts of an affair are different than the more casual and refined, perhaps more staid loving that comes later in a relationship.

And so this is my first blog entry - I contemplated the idea of a blog for a while where there was no blog - and then I created the blog - and then I brooded over it for a while, deciding what to make of it. And here, the first entry.

What noise does a blog make when it is launched upon the internet?

I think it goes *Blotch*.