Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And I Set It Free

For 9/11/2007 I created a post commemorating 9/11 and George Bush's efforts over the last six years.

This was my first post since some began figuring out who I was, and to avoid persecution as a non-liberal in an academic setting, I shut down the blog.

But it has weighed on my mind, even though I have gone on to other, even more rewarding blog efforts.

And I think the problem is that I have not fully cast it loose.

And so that is what I have done. I am intentionally losing the password for what remains of my blog. I hope that you find some small inspiration in the little that is left here.

I have left the lights, and the comments on.

I will not be back.

May God bless your journeys and your comings home.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Ago: 9/11/2007

Six years ago, we woke up to evil

Six years ago, we watched the towers fall
Six years ago, some of us woke up.

Thank God for George W Bush, who has led us in our fight against evil for the last six years.

Six years of relative safety for us here in the US
Six years of death and destruction for the enemies of freedom.
Six years that has seen the creation of two new democracies in the Middle East.
Six years that has underlined for us who is for freedom, and who is not.

Today terrorists from around the world flock to die at the hands of our military and the new governments in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Thousands upon thousands of evil, misguided people have perished there.

And yet there are those, some of them the same ones who urged our withdrawl from VietNam, (which withdrawl was followed by a horrifying genocide and the toppling of that entire region of the world into darkness) - who urge our withdrawl from Iraq.

Who want to see terror and death sweep over that nation again.

Who don't mind that Afghanistan would naturally fall next.
Who can't see that the next target for Terror after Afghanistan and Iraq lies in the West.

Who fail to listen as Iran, again and again, and again swears to wipe out Israel, and humble the West.
Who fail to listen as the Muslim Brotherhood and it's sibling organizations swear that soon Islam will control the world.

Who fail to see, hear or listen as terror attack after terror attack is launched by Islam
against peaceful peoples - in Spain, in Britain, in Germany, in Israel, in India, in Malasia, in Pakistan, in Jordan, in Turkey, in France, in Sweden, and in almost every country around the globe.

But no significant attack has been a success here yet, not in six years.
Six years of prosperity.
Six years of some of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.
Six years of strong, healthy stock markets.
Six years of Americans going about their business, raising children, building homes, finding jobs.

I thank George W Bush.

And you should take a moment today, and thank him too.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Too Much *IS* Enough

Dear Friends,

I always knew this day would come. This blog has become too popular and well known, and the circles in the faith world being so very small, I must wrap up operations here, and blot out the evidence as best I can. :).

Many thanks and blessings to those I met upon the way, no matter if we agreed or not. It was a worthy cause, and a pleasure to fight it.

The Peace of God, which passes all understanding, be with you each and every one.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Is LGBT a Single Word?

Something which has not drawn a lot of discussion that I have noticed is the last two letters of the LGBT quadrangle. In demanding equal rights, and equal ability to serve, activists throw around 'LGBT' like an indivisible unit. Certainly it is not. In case you do not know, dear Reader, LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered. Imagine an equal reception, equal ministry for these.

How can we welcome an actively Bisexual priest? Even the most liberal Dioceses have problems with sexually active single, straight priests,, ....openly Bisexual? And active? Doesn't this go against the theology we claim is expressed in committed relationships? Or perhaps we will only accept bisexuals in committed relationships, - certainly discrimination against the single.

And then there are the transgendered. People so ill-at-ease with their born sex that they choose surgical and chemical means to alter themselves. Are these persons of confused and confusing sexuality also fertile ground for the Priesthood? Or are their own issues likely to swamp any call they might receive?

Perhaps they are not AS fertile ground for ministry. Perhaps not. But perhaps we need to be open to them, too.

Some seed will fall on barren ground, some on rock, but some will fall on good earth, and bring forth. -some ten, some twenty, and some a hundred.

May it not be that my church steals away the seed that would have borne fruit.


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